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Lucy Pet Duck, Pumpkin, and Quinoa Grain-Free Formula features our advanced P.B.F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber (TM) to produce an optimal environment in the digestive tract to lead to an optimal balance in the gut. The P.B.F. formulation is based on 40 years of research and studies by Dr. George C Fahey. The number one ingredient is duck meat from France and USA, with absolutely no duck by-products. Includes chickpeas (rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, including starches and fibers), delicious pumpkin (A member of the squash family of plants. A delicious nutritional powerhouse with fiber that helps aid in healthy digestion. Sourced from USA), and quinoa (a high quality, digestible seed rich in protein, containing essential amino acids). This formula includes a superfood blend of ingredients naturally preserved.  No ingredients from China, including vitamins and minerals.


Lucy Pet Duck, Pumpkin and Quinoa Formula

  • Description

    Serve up the wholesome, delectable meal your precious pooch deserves with this Formulas for Life blend by Lucy Pet Products. Featuring duck from France and the USA, this recipe puts meat first?and only real meat, too. You won?t find any duck by-products on this ingredients list! Combine that with a complex carbohydrate superstar, chickpeas, for added protein, starch, and fiber. The sweet and spicy taste of pumpkin gives this meal a unique flavor edge but also boosts your pal?s diet with even more fiber?for a healthy, regulated digestive system. Instead of packing your pet?s food with simple grains, Lucy Pet Products uses another popular superfood, quinoa, for its burst of essential amino acids. Best of all, these healthful, high-quality ingredients are naturally preserved?nothing artificial?and combined with antioxidant nutrients for the health of your best friend?s immune system. That?s why this recipe is for life.

    Key Benefits


    • Includes Lucy?s special Prebiotic Balanced Fiber blend for gut health?a unique, high-quality mix of fiber sources including quinoa, flaxseed and more.
    • Made with real duck as the first ingredient, for a protein-packed food you can be proud to feed your pet.
    • Complex superfood blend of ingredients and antioxidant nutrients support a healthy immune system.
    • Complete and balanced food for all life stages?including the growth of large dogs.
    • Every purchase helps animals in need by contributing to the Lucy Pet Foundation, so you can feel great feeding your pal and helping others who need a paw.
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